Refund Policy

1. This Service shall be available to the Subscriber on a yearly basis (“Term”). The payment for the Service shall be made by the Subscriber, in advance through credit card as per the rates published on THUGLAK.COM (“Website”). THUGLAK.COM reserves the right to change/alter the rates from time to time without prior notice.

2. THUGLAK.COM will provide the Service from the date the registration of the Subscriber is accepted on the Website until the expiry of the Term or until the subscription to the Service is cancelled by THUGLAK.COM or the Subscriber. In case the Subscriber cancels its subscription, refunds on the remaining credit on the yearly payment shall not be available.

3. The password given to the subscibers are meant to be used only by them. If we notice any violation in this regard we reserve the right to terminate your subsciption immediately without giving any prior notice to you. In this event your subscription money for the remaining period if there is any will also not be refunded.So we advice you to take all adequate steps to protect your user id and password.

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