About Us


Mr. Cho Ramaswamy founded the magazine and commenced its first publication on the first day of the Tamil harvesting month "Thai" (Tamil: தை) based on the Tamil calendar system, corresponding to January 14, 1970 in the Gregorian calendar. He was the editor of the magazine ever since, and had penned several columns.

The name of the magazine and its mascot draw from Muhammad bin Thuglak, Sultan of Delhi; on whom in 1968 the founder staged a play and later produced a movie in 1971. The plot is a socio-political satire, narrating the scheme and success of a small band of idealists who take over the Government of India as the resurrected Muhammad bin Thuglak. The founder directed and played the lead, Muhammad bin Thuglak, in the movie, as well as the play staged under the banner of Viveka Fine Arts Club.

After Cho Ramaswamy's death, Swaminathan Gurumurthy took over the Editorial post.

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