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by Madhusudhanan Duraisamy Date Added: Friday 21 January, 2011
Hello Sir,

I have some clarifications regarding your speech in 41st anniversary of thughlak.

1) You wondered about the crowd for Ms. Jayalaliitha. But in some previous meeting, you said not to be deceived by crowd. You also mentioned about the crowd you got in 1971 at beach and at Pondicherry. But congress got only 15 seats. I feel this is contradictory.

2) You also talked about Jayalalitha's self confidence. I feel she is over confident. She thinks that the votes she get are for herself, and the party AIADMK. But there are also vote banks for the local representatives, which she does not considers. So, the representative of a constituency must be stable over there for long time. But she changes them frequently. What do you feel about it?

Please reply me through mail.

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